We are the manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of one of the best quality Plastic Processing Machines Control Panels since past several years. These Panels which we are manufacturing are equipped with best machinery needed to control and regulate the many ongoing industrial functions at a time. These are made of extremely robust material with international standards to provide it a sturdy strength to last long and provide a prolonged service life. The panel is vertical switching board fitted with firm and clocked regulators and touch push buttons. These are 100% insulated and are recommended safe by the quality inspectors before releasing it to our clients.

With firm commitment to quality, we are presenting for our clients a vast range of Plastic Processing Machines Control Panels that can control temperature through different temperature control panels. As per the specific clients' needs, this control panel is available in different designs and specifications. Apart from this, skilled professionals use quality tested components and advanced technology so as to provide qualitative product at users’ end.

Key Features:

User-Friendly Interface: Our control board includes an easy to understand interface that improves on machine activity. Operators are able to quickly comprehend and navigate the various settings and functions thanks to the design's intuitiveness.

Temperature Control: For consistent and high-quality results in plastic extrusion, accurate temperature control is essential. Our control board empowers exact guideline of warming and cooling zones, guaranteeing ideal temperature profiles for various sorts of plastics.

Speed Change: The output and quality of the extruded plastic are heavily influenced by the speed of the extruder screw. Our control board considers simple change of the screw speed, giving you full command over the expulsion interaction.

Monitoring the Pressure: During the production process, it is essential to monitor the extrusion pressure for any abnormalities or potential issues to be identified. Our control board gives ongoing tension observing, permitting administrators to make a quick move if vital, guaranteeing smooth activity and forestalling harm to the machine.

Control over Material Feed: Appropriate control of material feed is urgent for steady and uniform expulsion. In order to guarantee precise dosing and minimize material waste, our control panel provides precise control over material feeding rates.

Safety and alarm features: Our control board is furnished with an extensive caution framework that cautions administrators if there should be an occurrence of any breakdowns, deviations, or security perils. This increases operational safety in general by ensuring prompt response and minimizing downtime.

Information Logging and Examination: You will be able to record and evaluate crucial process parameters thanks to the data logging capabilities that are integrated into our control panel. Improved productivity and efficiency can be achieved through the utilization of this data for process optimization, performance evaluation, and troubleshooting.

Control and monitoring from afar: Our control panel supports remote monitoring and control capabilities for increased convenience and adaptability. Through secure network connections, operators can access and control the machine from a centralized control room or even remotely, facilitating troubleshooting and streamlining operations.

Configurable Options: The settings in our control panel can be changed to meet the needs and preferences of specific processes. This adaptability permits you to fit the expulsion cycle to your novel requirements, boosting efficiency and item quality.

You can improve your plastic extrusion process, increase operational efficiency, guarantee product consistency, and maintain a safe working environment by investing in our Plastic Extruder Machine Control Panel. Experience consistent control and open the maximum capacity of your plastic extruder machine today!

- Dust & Vermin Proof
- Cooling Fan/A.C. Attachment
- Spacious for Maintenance Free
- Wiring Diagram Fixing at Panel Door
- Proper Space for Cable Termination
- Easy for Ready to Use
- Rugged Structure
- Durable Performance

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