We are the manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of one of the best quality Rubber Machinery Control Panels since past several years. These Panels which we are manufacturing are equipped with best machinery needed to control and regulate the many ongoing industrial functions at a time. These are made of extremely robust material with international standards to provide it a sturdy strength to last long and provide a prolonged service life. The panel is vertical switching board fitted with firm and clocked regulators and touch push buttons. These are 100% insulated and are recommended safe by the quality inspectors before releasing it to our clients.

With firm commitment to quality, we are presenting for our clients a vast range of Rubber Machinery Control Panels that can control temperature through different temperature control panels. As per the specific clients' needs, this control panel is available in different designs and specifications. Apart from this, skilled professionals use quality tested components and advanced technology so as to provide qualitative product at users’ end.

Our cutting-edge control panel is designed to provide precise control and efficient operation of your rubber kneader mixer. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, our control panel ensures superior performance, flexibility, and safety for your rubber mixing process.

Key Features:

Intuitive User Interface: Our control panel features an intuitive user interface that simplifies the operation of your rubber kneader mixer. The user-friendly design allows operators to easily navigate through various functions and settings, reducing setup time and enhancing productivity.

Variable Speed Control: Accurate control over the mixing speed is crucial for achieving consistent and high-quality rubber compounds. Our control panel enables precise adjustment of the mixer's speed, allowing operators to optimize the mixing process for different types of rubber and desired mixing results.

Temperature Monitoring and Control: Temperature control is critical for successful rubber mixing. Our control panel includes advanced temperature monitoring and control capabilities, ensuring precise regulation of heating and cooling systems. Operators can closely monitor and adjust the temperature parameters to achieve optimal mixing conditions.

Timer and Recipe Management: Our control panel offers convenient timer and recipe management functions. Operators can set precise mixing times for different recipes, facilitating batch-to-batch consistency and eliminating the need for manual monitoring. This feature also allows for easy replication of successful mixing parameters.

Material Feeding and Discharge Control: The accurate control of material feeding and discharge is essential for consistent mixing results. Our control panel provides precise control over material feeding rates and discharge mechanisms, ensuring uniform distribution and efficient handling of rubber compounds.

Safety and Emergency Stop System: Safety is our top priority. Our control panel is equipped with an emergency stop system that allows operators to immediately halt the mixing process in case of any emergencies or hazards. This ensures the well-being of operators and protects the equipment from damage.

Data Logging and Analysis: Our control panel incorporates data logging capabilities, enabling operators to capture and analyze critical process parameters. This data can be used for performance evaluation, process optimization, and quality control, leading to improved productivity and product consistency.

Remote Monitoring and Control: For enhanced convenience and flexibility, our control panel supports remote monitoring and control capabilities. Operators can remotely access and monitor the rubber kneader mixer, facilitating real-time troubleshooting and minimizing downtime.

Customizable Settings: Our control panel offers customizable settings to accommodate specific mixing requirements and preferences. Operators can adjust parameters such as mixing speed, temperature profiles, and recipe settings, allowing for optimized mixing performance and flexibility.

Investing in our Rubber Kneader Mixer Control Panel will revolutionize your rubber mixing process, ensuring precise control, improved efficiency, and consistent product quality. Experience seamless operation and unleash the full potential of your rubber kneader mixer today! Contact us for more information and to explore how our control panel can elevate your rubber mixing operations.

- Dust & Vermin Proof
- Cooling Fan/A.C. Attachment
- Spacious for Maintenance Free
- Wiring Diagram Fixing at Panel Door
- Proper Space for Cable Termination
- Easy for Ready to Use
- Rugged Structure
- Durable Performance

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